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Photography Disclaimer

All images, illustrations, and graphical representations shown on OfficeMaster.com, omSeating.com, and/or omSmartSeating.com (collectively called, “OM Sites”) are intended as simple representations of the chair model being shown. While we make a best effort to keep these photos and illustrations and graphical representations up-to-date, OM nevertheless reserves the right to alter the appearance, construction, parts or other aspects of any model, at any time; regardless of the image being featured on the OM Sites.


While the OM Sites strive for accuracy in the images, product descriptions and claims featured in this site, certain product photos – such as most chairs shown with optional arms installed – should not be taken as indication that a given model will necessarily be sold with arms at no additional cost.


The options links located in the product level pages throughout this site are carefully checked and corrected on a periodic basis. Nevertheless, the compatibility and appropriateness of any options shown in the OM Sites – including, but not limited to, arms, casters, fabrics, and stacking dollies – should be verified with an authorized OM representative prior to purchase.