Wide-eyed and full of wonder, OM's resident frog mascot, Ozzie, loves all things office! Get to know Ozzie, OM's smart, charming and optimistic frog

Why can’t rolling chairs get any respect?

They've been
cast aside

yuk. yuk.

Get to know Ozzie, OM's smart, charming and optimistic frog.

  • Hometown: I'm a native Californian. I was born in San Diego and moved to Ontario in 1986 with my family. It's a nice place to hop around, although it can get hot.

  • Favorite quote: “It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?” – Anne of Green Gables

  • Favorite vacation spot: Venice, of course. But if I have to keep it local, the fountains at the Venetian in Vegas will do it!

  • Favorite food: Spaghetti. I want one of those Lady and the Tramp moments, so I’m practicing.

  • Favorite drink: Matcha lattes, of course!

  • Favorite movie: The Little Mermaid. I can relate to the water vs. land struggle. Can't wait to see Nice Guys with Russell Crowe and my cousin, Ryan Ozzling

  • Advice for your younger self: Celebrate the little things!

  • Talents: My cousin, Josh Frogan, is teaching me to sing. I learned how to dance from my grandfather, Bob Fozzie

  • Currently reading: Ponds and Prejudice, by Jane Ozzten

  • Favorite food: Blueberry fly a la mode!

  • Job at OM: I'm CMO - Chief Morale Officer. I hop around and help out in every department.

  • Three things you can’t live without: A pen and a lily pad to take notes, my Webbedtoe Dictionary, and of course a great book!

  • Strangest thing that ever happened to you: A gorgeous princess came out of nowhere and kissed me!