NeoCon 2021

2021/2022 Product Introductions

OM5 Active® Nest

A Dynamic nesting and stacking chair that delights with a full chair top articulation. Effortlessly functional while playfully stylish, Active Nest arrives ready to perform in today’s hybrid work spaces.

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LórienTM Collection

Not your average All-Mesh chair. Available as a full collection so you can meet any need with confidence!

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Meeting schedules a bit fluid these days? Tibidi fills in great – whether for ad hoc meeting or pre-planned conferences.

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Ginny Multi-Tasker

Find your zen zone in the retro-styled, Ginny Multi-Tasker’s light and balanced seat pivoting action.

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Classic styling that is perfectly suited for conference rooms as well as executive offices with an elegant, tailored aesthetic and complementary options.

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