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LINGO-501 Fluent Ergonomics - A Visual Glossary of Ergonomic Seating Terms

This course contains information about the different adjustments available for our chairs. Ergonomic features determine which chair will provide the "best fit" for an individual. The features illustrated here will help you understand the functionality and unique benefits of OM seating.

  • Pneumatic Lift
    Adjusts overall height of the chair.
  • Pivot Backrest
    Pivots as the user moves.
  • Back Depth Adjustment
    Accommodates a variety of users.
  • Back Height Adjustment
    Allows correct position of lumbar support.
  • Tilting Backrest
    Locks in an infinite number of positions.
  • Adjustable Lumbar
    Provides customized lumbar support.
  • Synchronous Seat & Back Tilt
    Activates single-level adjustment.
  • Sliding Seat
    Adjusts seat depth for a variety of users.
  • Tilting Seat
    Tilts forward and back for posture.
  • Tension Knob
    Controls rate and ease of recline/tilt.
  • Swivel/Rocking Tilt
    Provides "rocking motion" in any direction.
  • Foot Activation Ring
    Hands-free operation of pneumatic height. Available on CL14 and CL15 only.
  • Simple Knee Tilt
    Reduce some tension behind knees on tilt.
  • Full Knee Tilt
    Reduce all tension behind knees on tilt.
  • Discovery Back Design
    Prevents scapular impedance.


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