OM is a company that prides itself on producing thoughtful, well-designed seating. Our mantra is to be thorough and original, and to achieve genuine results that support people and the way we all realistically work.
Through the years, OM has also collaborated with designers who share our vision for creating smart seating, including the notable partners below:


Francisco & Nadine Romero


Phidesign, founded in 2004, is a furniture design studio that specializes in high performance Task, Executive, and Guest seating for the commercial market. Led by industrial designer and engineer Francisco Romero, and Graphic Designer Nadine Bosshard Romero, they have carved a niche in value driven markets by designing innovative products in a socially and economically responsible way.

Francisco received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and then went on to a receive his Masters degree in Architecture, both from UCLA.

Nadine studied at the famed Art Center College of Design in both Switzerland and Pasadena.

Gecco Vision

Henner Jahns

An industrial designer by trade, Art Center alumni Henner Jahns founded the design company Gecco Vision Inc. in 1996 and has amassed a healthy list of international design awards and successful products on the market.

Highlights of his design work include an active/dynamic chair that won “Best of NeoCon” and “Most innovative Product” and has been exhibited in MOMA in New York; a sit-stand chair that has won numerous awards, including the red dot design award, the good design award, and the NeoCon Silver award in 2013; and a razor for Schick that won the red dot international design award in 2000. Henner also held the position of president and design director as a co-founder of dTank Inc, a revolutionary furniture company from 1999 to 2005.

Henner continues to design innovative, ergonomic, and visually striking chairs, benching systems, desks, and now the Werksy chair collection for OM.

OM Design Group

(aka, Our “Very OM” Design Team!)

OM has been making seating since 1986. Over time, we’ve gathered valuable institutional knowledge about what makes good chairs great.

But, we truly believe that learning never stops. So, we take great pains to actually do what many companies say they do – we listen to customers, take in feedback and opinions from end users, ergonomists, designers, dealers, architects and more; in other words, our influencers.

We reject thoughtless copy-catting, and we pride ourselves on having a diverse product development pipeline that enables us to ultimately find the right designs to bring to market.

Today, OMDG is comprised of Listeners, Thinkers and Doers representing a balanced mixture of perspectives and approaches… all with the single goal of making your work life, work better!